SHB Lao Internet Banking

“SHB Lao Internet Banking is an electronic banking solution which enables convenient banking transactions anytime anywhere”.

Product information:

  • Applicable to individual customers who have current accounts at SHB Laos.
  • Customers must have a current account at SHB Laos.
  • Currency: LAK
  • Customer must register SMS/Email notification of account balance with SHB Laos.
  • eSecure – verified bank transfer shall be made via Internet Banking.


  • Notification of account balance through SMS/Email
  • Inquiry of current account, savings account, loan account in a quick manner
  • Convenient money transfer among customer’s own accounts or to other accounts
  • Inquiry of exchange rate, interest rate: This function enables customer to inquire interest rate and exchange rate of difference currencies
  • Inquiry of SHB Laos’ transaction points: This function enables customer to search for the nearest counter of SHB Laos.
  • List of beneficiaries: This function enables customer to update their list of beneficiaries within SHB Laos system.
  • Low service fee.