Import letter of credit (Import L/C)


  • Target customers: Goods importers under L/C;
  • SHB Laos issues L/C and commits to paying if the import documents are relevant to L/C’s conditions;
  • Timeframe for presenting import documents for payment: during the validity period of L/C.


  • A safe and effective method which significantly reduces customer’s risks;
  • Free consultation on terms and conditions for opening L/C, on international trading rules and practices to ensure customer’s benefits;
  • Transaction is made in a quick and convenient manner;
  • Competitive cost;
  • Professional and enthusiastic bank staff with high qualification.

Target customers:

  • Import enterprises who meet conditions of the product.


  • Application following regulations of SHB Laos;
  • Request for L/C issuance;
  • L/C opening application: Request fo L/C opening; International trade contract; Payment commitment (L/C payment by owner’s equity and payment by loan)
  • For loan-based L/C: Loan application; Economic contract or Business plan, etc. should be further provided.