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Loan guarantee

SHB Laos provides a guarantee to customer for loan application in other domestic and foreign financial institutions

  • The Bank provides a guarantee to customer to apply for loan in other domestic and foreign financial institutions


  • Help client to borrow in the transactions that a loan guarantee is required (for example a foreign loan).
  • Loan guarantee from a reputable bank increases the reliability of the customer with his partner thereby gives higher possibility of a successful transaction.
  • SHB Laos offers preferential guarantee fee and low deposit rates for enterprise using guarantee service package provided by SHB Laos (from bid participation to warranty).


  • The Bank commits to repay on behalf of customer in case the customer fails to repay or does not repay in full and on time.
  • Loan guarantee is a guarantee letter issued by the Bank in which content, scope and conditions of the guarantee are stated.


  • Application under internal regulations of SHB Laos
  • Please contact the nearest counter of SHB Laos or its business department for more details.