Import collection


  • Customers wish to import goods using bill collection method and appoint SHB Laos to receive import documents from foreign exporters, then pay goods value to exporters on behalf of the importers.
  • Two collection methods (D/P or D/A) can be applied.
  • Perform payment or refuse payment upon customer’s instruction.
  • SHB Laos receives documents from exporter’s bank and inform customers.


  • Cost-saving: Flexible and competitive service fee;
  • Time-saving and increase business opportunities: With a worldwide correspondent bank systems of SHB, customers will quickly receive import documents;
  • Foreign currency source for payment is ensured;
  • Professional and enthusiastic bank staff;
  • Be financially supported through import financing program.

Target customers:

  • Import enterprises who meet required conditions of import collection product.


  • Legal documents of customers
  • Financial documents of customers
  • Request of payment for bill collection
  • Import documents
  • Bill of exchange accepted for payment by customers (for D/A)