Working capital loan

“Timely meet short-term capital needs of enterprises for business activities.”


  • Bullet loan:
  • Flexible loan tenor: from 1 to 12 months;
  • Meet financial needs for unplanned business opportunities;
  • A whole new application is required each time loan is applied;
  • Payment method: monthly interest payment, principal payment at maturity.
  • Line of credit:
  • One single application can be used for multiple loans in a business cycle (up to 12 months). Customer can withdraw and pay loan in multiple times during the loan term (for each time of fund withdrawal, customer is required to present document evidencing loan purpose as mentioned in the credit agreement);
  • Flexible use of loan upon extension of credit line;
  • Meet frequent working capital needs of customer with quick capital flow throughout a business cycle;
  • Payment method: monthly interest payment, principal payment at maturity each time of debt receipt


  • Meet working capital demand of enterprise in a timely and sufficient manner, help take advantage of business opportunities;
  • Flexible loan tenor and payment term, tailored to enterprise’s business cycle;
  • Free consultation on financial solutions which work best on enterprise’s loan demand;
  • Flexible, relevant and competitive rate.

Target customers:

  • All companies which are established, organized and operated under the laws of Laos and wish to apply for loan.


  • Loan application following internal regulations of SHB Laos.