Valuable paper mortgage loan

“Valuable paper mortgage loans, financial capacity evidencing loans provide diversified personal financial solutions to customers in the absence of collateral”

  1. Benefits
  • Simple, quick, convenient procedures.
  • Various types of guarantee; preferential and competitive rate.
  • Guarantee up to 100% of demand.


  1. Features
  • Currency: LAK.
  • Guarantee method: Bullet
  • Guarantee term: Following customer’s demand.
  • Guarantee limit: up to 100% of demand.
  • Guarantee fee: following regulations of SHB Laos from time to time.
  • Collateral: Deposit and/or Savings book/certificate, Valuable papers issued by SHB Laos and legally owned by customers and/or any third party approved by SHB Laos.


  1. Application:
  • Application form (SHB Laos’ form)
  • Legal documents of customer and/or any third guarantor (if any).
  • Documents relating to the guarantee to be granted.
  • Original Savings book/certificate, Valuable papers.