Tax payment guarantee

A client is guaranteed by SHB Laos before Tax Agency/Customs Agency regarding tax payment

  • This is SHB Laos’ commitment before Tax Agency/Customs Agency that SHB Laos will pay tax on behalf of customer in case the customer fails to perform or insufficiently performs their tax obligations.


  • Tax payment guarantee is used to meet the need of deferred tax payment by enterprises when making payment of export / import tax, special consumption tax and value added tax on imported and exported goods.
  • Save time on warehousing at customs office.
  • Customer can control the fund and time to make tax payment.
  • SHB Laos offers preferential guarantee fee and low deposit rates for enterprise using guarantee service package provided by SHB Laos (from bid participation to warranty).


  • Bảo lãnh thanh toán tiền nộp thuế được thể hiện dưới dạng thư bảo lãnh do ngân hàng phát hành, trong đó nêu nội dung, phạm vi và các điều kiện của bảo lãnh.
  • Tax payment guarantee is a guarantee letter issued by the Bank in which content, scope and conditions of the guarantee are stated.


  • Application under internal regulations of SHB Laos

Please contact the nearest counter of SHB Laos or its business department for more details