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 “Current account enables customer to make cash transaction in a timely and convenient manner”

 Product information:

 Applicable to all individual customers who are Laotian citizens, foreigners residing legally in Laos or economic institutions wishing to open current accounts at SHB Laos

  • Currency: LAK, USD, THB
  • Customers will enjoy demand interest rate published by SHB Laos at its transaction points from time to time.


  • Make cash or non-cash transactions in a quick and simple manner


 Customer can withdraw money out of or deposit into their account any time.

  • Customer can make bank transfer, transaction or direct payment at bank’s counters or via Internet Banking.
  • Customer can enjoy various account services through Internet Banking
  • Personal income tax or other taxes (if any) shall be applicable following the laws of Laos.


 Deposit: Customers shall present their valid identity documents such as identification card, passport, etc (for Laotian citizen) or passport and entry visa or proof of visa exemption for foreign resident) and fill in the Deposit Slip of SHB Laos and deposit cash.

  • Withdrawal: Customers shall present their valid identity documents (identification card/passport) and fill in the Withdrawal Request. The signature on Withdrawal Request must be the same as the signature registered with SHB Laos at time of depositing.